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Shark Moving Company offers moving services at affordable prices. Having over 7 years of experience in the field, we truly know what it takes to deliver excellent customer service and perfect relocation projects.

Whether you are moving a single cabinet or entire business, Shark Moving Company will make sure your relocation runs smoothly and according to the plan. We provide our services in all areas of Ontario.

Steps Of Condo Moving Process:

  • After a customer makes an appointment with us, our expert team will ask any questions about the order’s specifications and will keep a record of everything.
  • All client requests and order data are recorded, and each detail is addressed separately. In addition, if necessary, we will send our experts to your area to assess the situation.
  • We will then give you an email confirmation letter with all of the details of your house move, including the work procedure and costs.
  • Once the offer is fully accepted, we inform our movers of all the specifics and map out a route.
  • One day before the order date, our vehicle is carefully cleaned, and all equipment is examined and prepped.
  • Our movers provide you with the contract on the day of the order.
  • Cleaning requirements are followed when moving carpets are placed on your home’s flooring.
  • We calculate payment as soon as we start working on your site.
  • Our operation manager and customer care representatives will call you several times during the moving process to clarify specifics and ensure that all of your needs are met.
  • Our movers employ specialized equipment to carry heavy items. After being wrapped in clean blankets, your furniture will be wrapped in shrink, then dismantled and rebuilt before being put onto trucks, all while strictly following safety regulations.
  • At the delivery site, the products are installed in the right locations according to your directions (in your new house).
  • When the purchase is done, our operations manager will give you payments in a transparent manner with no hidden costs, and the procedure will be carried out according to the payment method you select.
  • Customer sensitivity entails treating customers equally from the first point of interaction to the last.

Reliable Condo Moving Services Since 2015

Doing your own move is a lot of hard work. All the heavy lifting, long hours, and stressful driving are tough on your body. You could injure yourself or worse! For those who prefer to reap the benefits without all the stress, don’t fret! Shark Moving Company makes moving affordable with its professional services for moving condos in Toronto at the most affordable rates.

  • Planning the upcoming moving project

To get started, just call our moving coordinator and submit your moving order. You may estimate the volume of work to be done, as well as the amount of packing material needed and the cost, by calling beforehand. If required, our manager will visit you at your home and offer an immediate evaluation of the planned transfer.

  • Preparation process:

Our staff will arrive to disassemble furniture, carefully pack and label your valuables and items. During the procedure, we use all the necessary equipment and tools to make sure your valuable items are securely packed and wrapped. The process then is followed by loading all of the items into our specially designed trucks.

  • Moving and delivery:

Delivery and finalization of the process involve unloading and unpacking all of the transported items. Depending on the service type you have chosen, we also offer unloading, furniture assembly, and placement of household appliances.

  • Cleaning and tiding-up:

Since customer satisfaction is our main priority, we always make sure to leave the workplace cleaned while disposing of any residual items at your request.

We always plan ahead of time, taking into account the client’s schedules. Our knowledge, experience, and professional approach to residential relocation enable us to figure out any issues and eliminate any challenges.

38You can relax knowing that your move is in excellent hands with Shark Moving Company. We provide free, precise quotes with no hidden fees!

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