Things movers won’t move

Packing is one of the most hated parts of the moving. It is stressful and time-consuming to organize pack and buy all necessary moving supplies. You should know all the packing tips and tricks to save time and pack efficiently. 

Do you think that movers can move everything? You should consider it again. When you are hiring a professional moving company, you should know that there are certain items that moving companies won’t move. 

In this blog, we will talk about “non-allowable” items even the most professional moving company will not move. Consider that this list is included but is not limited to the below-mentioned items:

      Hazardous Materials

You can think that it is pretty clear instruction, however, it is not that straightforward. Movers don’t move flammable or explosive items, even if they want. It is illegal to move such items because they are very risky to transport and can cause damage to your other belongings. Remember that if it can catch fire or it is pressurized, it is better to donate or sell them. If you cheat your moving company by packing all the risky items, you should consider several things:

  • Moving company or insurance will not cover the damage if something happens to your items.
  • Remember that if something happens you will be the only responsible and accountable person for any damage that occurred. 


   Perishable Items

Unfortunately, movers will not move any perishable food, especially during long-distance moving. The reason behind this is that moving trucks don’t have any cooling systems and your food can spoil quickly. It is well known that rotten food can create unpleasant odors, additionally, spoiled food can create a risk of damage to your other belongings due to mold and condensation. Therefore, it is better to donate or throw a moving party in order not to waste your fresh, frozen, or open canned food. However, your moving company will be able to transport unopened non-perishable food, such as pasta, rice, soups, and so on. 



Your pet is not an item; it is a living being. Therefore, it goes without saying that a moving company will not transport your pet both during long-distance and local moving. Keeping your pet with you in your own vehicle will make your pet calm down and they will feel safe. If you are moving outside the country, you should bear in mind that every airline has its own requirement and that’s why it is better to contact them before making any arrangement with your pet. Another solution is to hire a professional pet mover company that can move your cat and dog safely. It will make your move easier and save your energy.

   Valuable items

Money, valuable jewelry, and personal collections are considered “non-allowable” items. We would like to mention that high-value items are not only the ones that are worth money. Your movers won’t move documents, wills, medical records, passports, and other irreplaceable documents. We advise you to keep those documents and photos in a purse or in a folder and take them with you. 

   Outdoor equipment

It is worth mentioning that you will not be allowed to move your pool equipment and lawn. Moreover, treatments and acids are considered dangerous items and should be given away or disposed of properly and safely before the moving day. If you would like to clarify or double-check which kind of equipment is allowed to move, you should contact your moving company and clarify all your questions. 

   Why movers will not move above mentioned items?

Safety is the main reason for moving company while moving your belongings. Each professional moving company defines its own “non-allowable” moving items, therefore you should check with them before in order not to lose time packing or organizing these things. 

The second reason is the law. Movers will not move some of the items because it is considered illegal. Every professional moving company should obey the rules and regulations of the country they are operating in. 



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