Choosing a professional mover – Whom can you trust?

Moving can be much more challenging not depending on personal, professional, or family reasons. To reduce moving stress and protect your belongings and property during the moving process, it is important to take all the steps.

Choose a reliable and reputable mover

Choosing a reputable and reliable company is one of the most important steps in the moving process. Choosing the mover with great customer service, sound business practices, and truthful advertising is recommended.

When you are searching for a mover, you can follow the following steps:

  • Read the website content of the moving company
  • Search among top-rated moving companies
  • Get estimates from a minimum of three reputable moving companies and explain clearly your requests
  • Check all the references
  • Determine how the moving company will handle your move and insure your belongings

Don’t forget to pay attention to potential red flags when you are hiring the moving company:

  • When they don’t give you a written rate
  • When they ask you for a large deposit amount in advance

Get a quote in writing from the moving company

Before making your final decision get the final costs including the terms and conditions of your move in written form.

Pay attention to the following factors as well:

  • The mover should see all your belongings and items that you are planning to move
  • You should create a list of your household inventory for you and the mover so that the movers can make a quote in-home estimate in advance. It will help movers to have a better understanding of all the items they will be moving and belongings that require special care
  • Make sure you give all necessary information to the mover for the quote
  • Ask about the additional cost of adding items on a moving day
  • Make sure you get the quote on the letterhead of the company and signed by the official of the moving company
  • You should clarify if the deposit must be paid in advance and if it is refundable or held to cover the cancellation costs as a penalty
  • Take a detailed look at the quote and make sure you understand all mentioned details, the final cost, and the terms and conditions.

Demand insurance for your move

Your household insurance and the insurance of the moving company together may cover any damage or loss of your belongings. Most of the time, household insurance covers the catastrophic loss.

The mover doesn’t have any responsibility for carrying items of extraordinary value unless the value has been declared under the transportation law.

The following factors should be considered:

  • You should contact your insurance company to identify the overall coverage for your belongings while in transit
  • In case you buy the replacement value protection from the moving company, it will cover the loss and damage of your belongings
  • It is also recommended to check if the moving company has compensation coverage for workers
  • Ask about liability in advance. In most cases, the movers don’t take any responsibility when the customer packs the belongings himself.
  • When you pack special care items like marble, glass, and others, the mover doesn’t have any responsibility and liability for loss or damage to the items
  • Identify when you should make a claim and the deadlines for making it.

Take vital steps for a smooth and stress-free moving day

You can turn your good move into an excellent move by knowing your rights and preparing your home for the movers.

Below Shark movers share with you some tips:

  • Remember that you are charged by the time that movers are spending in your house, so make sure you prepare everything ready to go until the movers arrive
  • You should carry your cell phone, jewelry, and wallet personally when it’s time to go
  • Show all fragile items to the movers, so that they can be careful during packing and don’t forget to supervise them
  • Keep the list of your inventory secure and safe.

To sum up, it is recommended to follow all below-mentioned steps and choose top-rated moving companies.


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