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A complete guide to read before Residential moving

A complete guide to read before Residential moving

As a Canadian resident, you probably know how stressful moving and choosing moving services are. You’re probably tired of searching for the best moving company, checking the reviews, and not being able to decide. This blog will give you all the information and tips you need before moving and choosing company that offers moving services.

Before you start, you need to know about the types of moving services to choose the most suitable option for yourself. You can check all the detailed information from our Services section to define which moving service is the one you need.


Suppose Residential moving is what you need for a relocation process. In that case, you’re in the right place to get all the information about Residential moving, what to take into consideration before moving and how you can do it in the most optimal way.


Everyone experiences residential moving at least once in their lifetime. This process includes house moving, townhouse moving, apartment and condo apartment moving and basement moving. The process starts with the booking of the moving service by a customer. After the booking, we get all the required information and send the customer every detail and pricing for the relocation process. Right after the moving service offer is approved, we inform our movers, forward all essential details and map out a route.


Before each order, the truck is specially cleaned, all equipment is checked and made ready. The customer receives a contract on the day of the order and our operation manager and customer service contact them during the business process to check the work process and fulfill each of their requests during residential moving.


Payment is calculated from the moment we start working on your site. We guarantee that you will not experience any hidden fee in the business duration. The payment operation for moving service will be carried out according to the payment method you wish.


From the beginning of the residential moving, we help the customers from the start until the end. If you’re a self-packer and need extra help, our packers will provide a professional packing and unpacking service for you. They use all the necessary tools such as bubble wrap, shrink wrap, packing tape, stretch wrap, markers, paper pads in this process in order to keep your belongings safe during the residential moving procedure. Our packers pay extra attention to breakable items, too. They use stretch wrap and the blanket, which is used to wrap your fragile items in order to secure them during the move. Ensuring that your stuff is ready for a move will save money, stress, and time.


If you have large-sized items such as furniture or electronic devices, you may need disassembling and assembling service. As Shark Moving Company, we take pride in saying that our qualified movers carry this process professionally by using all the tools and methods needed.


So, you got all the information about the residential moving flow and details. If you still have difficulties deciding where to start or what to do, here are the things for you to take into consideration when you hire movers:


  1. Your budget 


Determine how much you can afford for a residential moving service. Define your minimum and maximum cost availability. In this case, it will be easier for you to eliminate the options when you have tons of them. Being one of the most budget-friendly moving companies, Shark Moving Company offers you the most affordable price list for the most favorable moving experience.


  1. Your timeline 


Create a detailed timeline of your relocation process:


  • How much time do you have for researching;
  • When the residential moving process should begin;
  • What is the deadline for completing the residential moving process?


Unfortunately, most of the customers face last-minute delays by the moving companies when they receive a “better” order. As Shark Moving Company, we genuinely assure you that you will not face such kinds of problems regardless of the type of service you’re going to use while hiring us.


  1. Your location and the distance of your move 


You can use local moving companies near your area for a quick solution. It will be both time-saving and cost-effective. We would be honored to realize your residential moving in Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener, Waterloo, Milton, Brampton, Mississauga, Barrie, Hamilton and nearer areas.


  1. Residential moving checklist and packing 


Create a checklist of the steps of your relocation procedure and the items you’re going to take with you during the residential moving. Follow your checklists before and during your move in order not to miss anything or leave something behind. Return borrowed items from neighbors, family, and friends. Once you’re sure of the belongings you’re going to keep, try to donate what you don’t need. Gather all of your valuable stuff such as documents, financial and legal records in one place and keep them with you during the residential moving, not in the truck. Pack an essentials box with everything you’ll need for your first 24 hours in your new home.


  1. Providing services 


As you’re going to change your location, you will need to discover the area, necessary places, and services. Try to find a new doctor, veterinarian, bank, and any other professional provider you frequently visit in the new area you’ll be living in and cancel your current subscriptions to avoid getting charged in the upcoming month. Start calling the people or companies who need to be informed about your new address. You should also take finding and applying for a school into consideration if you have kids while residential moving.


Once you’re done with all of these, it is time to get into the business by hiring the most favorable local company that offers residential moving services.

By using our residential moving service, you will have a stress-free, safe and affordable moving experience while saving yourself from physical injury and your time. We give full assurance of safe and damage-free move, fully-equipped movers, upfront pricing without any extra charges, and a friendly team.


For all the mentioned above, we guarantee customer satisfaction with a seven-year experience of professional residential moving services in the GTA, Ontario.

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