How Many Movers Do I Need?

It can be tricky to decide how many movers and how much help you will need while moving. You don’t want to overspend by hiring too many movers, but also you need more help because the moving process is long, difficult, and overwhelming. 

Shark movers in Toronto will share with you tricks on how to hire the right number of movers depending on the qualities of your move. Below you can see the guide on how to determine the perfect amount of movers.

Size of the moving

The size of the moving is the primary factor that should be considered. Moving a studio apartment doesn’t require as many movers as compared to moving a four-bedroom home. Therefore it is very important to consider the size of the moving to determine the number of movers you need. Also, additional factors such as loading, unloading, packing, and unpacking should be considered. 

If you rented a moving truck and you need help with loading and unloading, you won’t need many movers to deliver this job. If you are starting the moving process from zero and need help with loading, unloading, packing, and unpacking, you will need additional help for a fast and smooth process.

Large and bulky items

Although the number of items to be moved and the size of your home will be the main factors for determining the number of movers, some belongings need special care. When there are bulky and heavy items, plants, items that are hard to pack, and antiques, you will need more movers with professional experience. 

Let’s give you an example for a clear understanding. Let’s say you are moving out of a two-bedroom house. For completing the moving process you will need two movers. However, if you have a big antique cabinet, you will need three or four movers, because of the weight of the antique cabinet.

If you have the following items in your home, consider adding one or two movers to deliver the job:

  • Plants
  • Antiques
  • Appliances
  • Heavy and bulky furniture
  • Fragile things
  • Fish tanks
  • Fine art
  • Piano
  • Pool table

Therefore, it is recommended to talk with a moving consultant and mention all your items to get the right number of movers and pieces of equipment. 

Hire the professional moving company

You will not need to hire professional movers if you have family members and friends who are ready to help. However, if you want to protect all your belongings from possible damage and save your time and energy during the moving process, you have to hire a professional moving company. 

Your family members and friends who are helping you with moving can be guided efficiently even by one professional mover. Toronto movers are trained professionally in loading moving trucks and packing every item to ensure their safety during the moving. 

We advise you not to go with the cheaper ones because you can face hidden costs at the end of the moving process. Any unforeseeable damage to your personal belongings is considered a hidden cost. Most of the time, companies that show them as “cheaper than competitors” are low in price, because they lack quality and experienced staff. They pay their movers lower salaries and they hire anyone who is just willing to do this hard work for cheap. We advise you to do research and find out moving companies with positive customer feedback because you are handling your valuable belongings them. 

Final factors

Before deciding the number of movers, it is vital to consider the below-mentioned factors as well:

  • Stairs
  • Elevators
  • Distance between moving truck and home
  • Narrow doorways
  • Longer carrying distance

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