How much to tip movers?

If you are moving and using a professional moving company in Toronto or in any area of Ontario, tipping the movers is a nice way to show your gratitude if you are happy with the job. We are aware that the cost of hiring a professional moving company can be a few hundred dollars for local moving or thousands for long-distance moving.

Do you have to tip movers?

For showing your gratitude to movers or any other service provider, tipping is a very good way to do it. Before tipping movers, you should call the moving company and identify if they accept the tip or not. There are some companies where movers are not allowed to take tips, because it is added to the final cost. Although most of the time movers don’t expect a tip, it is very appreciated to tip them when they complete their job successfully.
By tipping movers, you will show them you see and recognize their effort while moving. Moreover, offering refreshments to your movers is a very nice gesture whether you are tipping or not. During the hot summer days, you can offer water or lemonade, and in winter you can provide movers with nice hot coffee or tea. If your movers are working during the lunch hour, it is advisable to offer them meals and for snacks, you can give them some fruits, cookies or chips. It is important to have available water in your hand.

When should you tip movers?

You should pay close attention to movers and how they treat your belongings and their interaction with you during the moving process. On the whole, if you think that they completed their job successfully and with high quality, it is appropriate to award them with the tip. If you see your movers:

  • Moving bulky and heavy furniture up or downstairs
  • Handling fragile belongings carefully
  • Moving quickly
  • Helping with setting up your furniture

When you don’t have to tip movers?

Tipping movers is not a mandatory procedure that you follow. It can depend on the level of service and interaction of movers with you and your family members. If you end up with a bad moving experience, it is normal not to tip movers and other team members.

What’s the best way to tip movers?

You can encourage the movers by promising to tip them at the end of the moving process just before they begin to unpack your belongings. If you think that verbal assurance is not enough, it is good to give them tips at the beginning of the move. However, as a general rule, it is recommended to tip movers after the completion of the work.


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