How to choose the right moving company?

 Moving soon? The moving process can be tough if you don’t know how to look for
and which questions to ask. Depending on the location you are moving to, there is a
set of questions you and the provider should answer in the first place. In this blog, we will provide you with some important tips to help you find the best moving company.


START YOUR RESEARCH EARLIER                       


Moving is very stressful and we advise you to begin your research at least 60 hours
earlier. Deciding on moving company can depend on various factors such as your
budget, personal preferences, and the availability of local moving companies. You
should consider that moving companies can be different and they are ranging from
companies that help you with only individual tasks to the ones that offer full
packages and can move your house from short-distance to cross-border. For
comparing all the differences, you will need time, however, companies are offering
last-minute moving to save you from stress and panic.


You should know that every province has its requirements. If you are moving within
the provinces, like Ontario or cities in Toronto GTA, you can call the moving
association to check if your local mover has proper licenses and meets other
requirements. Furthermore, if you are moving from one province to another, the
moving company must have licenses from the government.



When choosing relocation service, reading online reviews and considering word-of-
mouth can save you from trouble and future regret most of the time. If you make
shortlist of local moving companies, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and
colleagues for recommendations and try to read more reviews on trusted sites like
Google and Better Business Bureau. Feedback from previous customers can provide
you with a reliable and unbiased look at the service quality of a company.

Depending on individual preferences, you should choose movers based on the factors
listed below:

   Experience. You should think about how experienced you would like your
movers. You should take into consideration that some new moving companies
can offer lower rates, but they can lack professionalism and the quality of work
can be lower than you expected.

Services. Before moving you should identify your need for services. Do you
need basic services such as packing, loading/unloading, and transporting or do
you need a whole package of services?


  Cost. Before moving to a new home you should define your budget beforehand
and allocate funds for that. If money is the most important factor, you can look
for a moving company with a low estimate. You should remember that if a deal
seems real, it likely is real. In many cases, it is worth it to hire a professional
moving company that charges a little more than others, so you avoid stress and
loss or damage of your belongings in the end.


You should consider your packing needs while looking at the prices offered by
various moving companies. In most cases, customers underestimate how many
things they need to pack, and as a result, a significant increase in price and moving
time will occur. To smooth the process, you can put movers in charge of packing and
unpacking. Moreover, if you have special items, like pianos, gym equipment, or pool
tables, you will need to find a moving company that has experts for handling these
items properly and without doing any damage. Make sure you check companies’
websites on the inventory list and don’t forget to read reviews!


If you already shortlisted moving companies, then it is time to get estimates. You
have to remember that if a moving company doesn’t offer on-site estimates, you
should remove them from your list! For better results, we advise you to get at least
three on-site estimates before making your final decision on a moving company.
Moreover, make sure you get your on-site estimates in written. You shouldn’t rely on
verbal estimates.




First, you need to know who will pack everything either you or a moving company.
You need to be sure of what’s included in their service while making your final
decision. The provision of some necessary items such as boxes, blankets, and other
moving supplies is significant. You also need to know if the fuel price is included or
if you have to pay extra charges in the end. Moreover, you should also ask questions

-Do they provide insurance?
-How long will the transportation take?
-What happens if there is damage during loading and unloading?
Asking the right questions beforehand will save you money on moving day.


Professional movers will not demand a large deposit amount before moving. The
maximum amount of deposit is 20 percent of the estimated cost. Payment should
proceed when the moving is complete. If you pay in advance, you will lose control

over the delivery of your belongings and items. We advise you to pay with a credit
card to avoid possible fraud activities.


Professional and reputable moving companies are always willing to sign a contract to
ensure the effectiveness and quality of their job and services. Final costs should be
highlighted in the contract to avoid extra charges in the end. Before signing a
contract, you should thoroughly read and understand the terms & conditions and make
sure there are no hidden costs for fuel or parking. Never sign a blank contract!


You should be aware that there are scammers in the moving field, although most
moving companies are legitimate. Below is listed the number of red flags that can
show that a moving company is illegitimate:

– The company doesn’t have any online website or page.

– Movers refusing to sign a contract

– The company doesn’t carry any insurance for loss or damage to belongings of
the customer.

– There are no reviews, feedback, or testimonials from their customers

– They are demanding a large amount of deposit before the moving process

– Movers show up late, seem unconfident, or can’t answer your questions


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