How to declutter your home for moving

Decluttering your home is one of the best ways for ensuring a stress-free move.
Decluttering also allows you to honor every memory you experienced and made in your
old home before moving to a new place and starting a new chapter. You can think that
your house is much cluttered, however, there can be a handful of things lying around
that you can live without. If you look closer, you will find a lot of things.
You shouldn’t be ashamed when you realize that you have a lot of useless, broken, and
expired items. You don’t realize the amount of your stud until it comes time to move all
your belongings to the new destination. During the moving process, you see the items
that you have never seen or you didn’t know about their existence.
Preparation for a move is the best time to eliminate and declutter all useless and excess
stuff you have. Decluttering unnecessary belongings will save you time, effort, and most
importantly money. You will not waste your time packing items you don’t need or want.
Moreover, you will use fewer boxes, and less space on the moving truck and you will
not need more movers to help you move your home to the new destination. Shark
Movers created a checklist for you to follow for a less stressful and overwhelming
The checklist created by Shark Movers in Toronto will help you to overcome the
challenges of decluttering in a more organized way. The time for decluttering every
room can depend on the household, however, Shark Movers in Toronto advise you to
spend approximately one week per room.
In the kitchen it is recommended to remove broken, surplus, mismatched, or never used
items. The following items can be included:
– Small appliances
– Expired food
– Kitchen utensils
– Kitchen tools
– Plastic containers
– Water bottles
– Old cookbooks
– Coffee tumblers
We sometimes keep expired food without realizing it. Most of them are products that we
rarely use. It is not safe and healthy to consume expired food, so it is vital to throw
them away before the move.

It is recommended to donate older kitchen appliances that are in working condition. On
the other hand, it is safe to toss out all appliances that are not working or have exposed
Living room
The family room or living room is the shared space that has items belonging to each
family member in the household. It is better to look around the living room and identify
the items and belongings that you no longer want, are old, or are just simply broken.
Decluttering your family room will not only make your moving process easier but also
will bring you a sense of calm in the days leading up to the moving day. The following
items can be considered for decluttering:
– DVDs, CDs
– Books
– Game consoles
– Magazines
– Kids toys
– Pet bedding and toys
Shark movers are not suggesting donating or throwing away all your books. However,
there are a lot of efficient ways to store books with e-reader technology. It is known that
books are very heavy and multiple boxes will be needed to move them. You can donate
books that you will never read to a local school or library.
It is very common to collect DVDs and CDs over the years. However, nowadays there
are a lot of streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify. You don’t need to collect and
keep a big physical collection of movies and music. It is recommended to donate old
media to a thrift store or a library.
The bedroom can be considered one of the best places to declutter before a move. It is
better to go through your shoes, accessories, and clothes once a year to throw out items
that you don’t need or wear. Below you can see the items that can be decluttered:
 Clothes and shoes
 Hangers
 Accessories and jewelry
We are sure that everyone has clothes and shoes that they no longer wear, or no longer
fit them. The best way to declutter bedroom items is to donate them if they are in a good

Accessories and jewelry can go out of fashion so fast, so you can declutter them easily.
You can keep accessories and jewelry that are special to you and donate the pieces that
you no longer need and wear.
So, Shark Movers shared some tips and checklists for decluttering. Use them for stress-
free moving.


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