How to move a piano safely

Probably the majority of people have never moved their piano. The piano moving can be very risky and challenging if you don’t use the help of professional movers. Hiring professional piano movers is always recommended. However, if you don’t want to hire professional movers and want to move a piano yourself, we will guide you on how to move a piano with fewer injuries and regrets. By using the required equipment, planning carefully, and helping, house owners can move their pianos to a new location.

Don’t forget those professional movers have all the required tools to move your piano safely. The approximate time required to move a piano is 3 hours. Below you can see the list of materials and tools:

  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Heavy-duty moving straps
  • Moving blanket
  • Dolly
  • Piano board
  • Packing tape

Some preparations

Pianos can be in different sizes and shapes. If you have an upright piano, it will be more straightforward to move it into a truck. However, if you have a baby grand piano, it needs to go down a flight of turning stairs. Don’t forget that moving a piano is difficult and risky, so you might want to hire a special moving service.

It is recommended to tune a piano after the moving process because the piano’s performance and sound can be affected by the challenging moving process and new environment.


  • Measure the staircase, hallways, doorways, and piano
  • Draw the route map and inform all movers about it
  • Use padding or blankets to protect your piano
  • Use a dolly

First step:

By hiring a professional and specialty moving company you can save time and effort. It is not an easy task to move a piano. Pianos can weigh between 300 to 1400 pounds. Therefore, hiring professionals is recommended, because they have the necessary tools to transport a piano and they can map a pathway efficiently. They are fully aware of lifting, moving, and storing the piano without damage. You can reach out to Shark Moving Company and get a quote for the service.

Second step:

If you are planning to do the route yourself, planning all the moving details in advance will smooth the process. Therefore, it is important to measure all staircases, doorways, and hallways, so that you will not find out it won’t fit through the doorway in the end. It is also necessary to map out the route and consider the rooms that the piano will pass through. At the same time measure the dimensions of the piano and note it. Then measure hallways, doorways, and staircases to have a clear idea. Taking the doors off their hinges can be necessary.

Third step:

For moving a piano safely and properly, at least four people are needed. You can ask family members or friends who are physically capable of moving a heavy piano. A dolly is a very important piece of equipment that you will need to move a piano because it helps to move it into the moving truck. It is vital to check that the dolly can handle the weight of the piano.

Fourth step:

Not to damage the piano, it is important to protect and secure it. First of all, secure the piano top and close and lock the keyboard lid for preventing damage to the keys. While disassembling the legs, make sure your moving team is holding the piano, so it can be gently lowered to the ground.

Use moving blankets to wrap the piano. Especially covering the corners will prevent leaving marks on the walls.

Fifth step:

After moving the piano into the new space, you should reassemble the pieces. You have to reverse the moving-out process to move your piano to the new destination.



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