How to Move Large, Bulky or Heavy Items

When you are moving to a new location, moving heavy objects can be one of the most frustrating and difficult tasks. Whether you hired movers or rented a moving truck, moving large and bulky items without damaging them or your old and new place is a very challenging issue. Large or heavy items can be:
– Bedroom sets
– Sofas
– Kitchen appliances
– Pianos
– Desks etc.

Preparation of large items for moving is very important to avoid stress and stay safe without damaging your belongings or yourself. Our residential and commercial movers in Toronto prepared some tips to help you to lift bulky and heavy things on your own. Using these techniques, you can easily move any bulky object in your move.

1. Think before taking an action
Before standing up and beginning to move your items, stop and think thoroughly about the action you are going to take. Let’s give you an example. If you are moving a sofa, you have to make sure it will fit through the door. It is important to measure the door frame beforehand. If you are moving yourself, you can ask the help of family members or friends to move heavy and bulky items like kitchen appliances or furniture sets. If you don’t want to stress out and smooth the moving process, you can hire a professional moving company such as Shark Movers to help you to move large items easily, because we have more than 7 years of experience in residential moving.

2. Remove parts
It is easy to move bulky items if you remove the attached parts. Let’s say you have a desk with drawers and things inside of them. Make sure you empty the drawers, because it is adding weight to the desk. If you cannot remove drawers or other parts attached to the desk, you have to use a tape to prevent them from opening during the move. Keep in mind that moving heavy items will be much easier if you detach legs, drawers, doors, or other attached pieces of furniture.

3. Don’t forget to protect your items
Using bubble wrap, covers, and blankets is vital for protecting your expensive belongings during the move. You should wrap every piece of the furniture or other appliances as tight as possible, so they don’t slip off during transportation. Accidents can happen at any time even if you are extremely careful. You can lose your balance while transporting items up and down the stairs, and your furniture can be damaged. Therefore, it is important to cover them with bubble wrap or furniture blankets to avoid damage to the furniture and the surroundings.

4. Pull the items
Sometimes you don’t need to lift an item to move from one place to another. You can pull your belonging across the floor to move them without lifting them. Shark Movers recommend you a method for this. Use a town or blanket and put it under the object. It will prevent floor friction. After placing the blanket under the object, pull it carefully to the place you want. If you don’t have carpet on the floor, it is the best and ideal tactic for you. Pulling can put a strain on your back and you can injure it while moving your belongings. Instead of pulling, you can use the pushing technique. If you have smooth floors, pushing can be the ideal choice for you. Make sure you place cardboard or a sheet under the furniture before pushing it. This will prevent scratching or damaging the floor.

5. Ask for a help when you are moving heavy objects up and down stairs
If you are moving heavy and bulky objects up or down the stairs, make sure someone can help you. It is not a one-person job; it is needed a minimum of two people to complete it. You can use your creativity in this part. For example, you can place a wooden plank on the stairs and cover it with a blanket. In this way, you can create your ramp and slide the items up and down the stairs. Moreover, you can use a dolly to move bulky and large items up and down. The person at the bottom of the dolly must keep it steady and secure to prevent the item from falling off.

6. Ask professionals to do the job
Even with these tips and methods, it can be difficult and stressful for you to move bulky items. Shark Movers are always ready to help you if you have slight hesitations to move the large items on your own. Our professional movers are very responsible and sensitive with your belongings. Contact us and get a free quote about the details of your move.


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