How to Move Safely in Winter

Not depending on the season, moving is very stressful and overwhelming. Considering the weather conditions in winter, it can be much tougher to move your house. Cold temperatures and snow on the ground can create various challenges for you during your move. 

Be prepared for the changes

Especially in Canada, the weather can be very unpredictable in winter. One day can be sunny, and clear, and then heavy rain or snow. Moreover, you should also consider dealing with hail, wind, or other wild weather conditions. Ensure you closely monitor weather forecasts and conditions at least two or three weeks in advance. You can contact Shark M  overs or a moving truck rental company to reschedule your moving day if there is a storm coming through. 

Start packing in advance

It is recommended not to start packing on a moving day. The sooner you begin, the easier and less stressful it will be for you and the Downtown movers. You can ask the moving company if they provide the packing service and handle this stressful process for the movers. If you are packing yourself, you can read our blog on how to pack efficiently for the move.  

Prepare your home for a move

It is important to create a safe environment before loading your belongings into the moving truck. If there is snow on the ground, it is important to shovel away snow and create a path for moving your large and bulky furniture. Check if there is ice on the walkways. De-icer and anti-icer can be used on the steps and sidewalks. You don’t want to injure yourself or movers and break any fragile belongings by slipping and falling. 

It is also important to protect the floors of your old and new house by covering them with plastic sheeting. You and Downtown movers will go in and out of the house and bring snow, dirt, and moisture, so it is necessary to protect floors from stains and scratches. 

Protect your items

Make sure you protect certain belongings from the cold when you are packing them. Breakable items such as glass, and dishes are particularly sensitive to temperature shifts, and when the temperature changes too quickly they can break or crack. Professional movers like Downtown movers double-wrapping each item in blankets and it helps to ease the wild weather change.  Moreover, it is recommended to load these kinds of items into a moving truck last and unload them first to reduce their exposure to extreme cold. 

Take care of your movers

Moving is much more difficult and challenging in winter than in the other season. Therefore, many people prefer to hire a professional moving company to pack, load, and unload their belongings. Downtown movers have plenty of experience with moving in winter, so they will have all the necessary equipment to deal with the challenges that occur. 

It is very gentle and polite to offer them coffee or hot chocolate to warm them up during the break. Downtown movers will surely appreciate it. 

Consider extra time for travel

It takes a long time to drive in snowy or inclement weather, so it is recommended to allow extra time to arrive at your destination. You should contact the driver of the moving company if some changes come up. It is better and advisable to plan the route in advance, however, you can be ready for any unpredictable changes. Sometimes snow can change your preferred route. You can use your smartphone with mapping apps that help you to adjust your route.

Set up your new house for unpacking

You have to clear all your walkways and cover your floors before moving your belongings into your new house. You shouldn’t forget that days are shorter in winter and it gets dark earlier. Therefore you need to plan the timing for unpacking your belongings. If you unload the moving truck in the dark, you have to check the exterior lighting and make sure they are functioning. 



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