How to move your office easily?

Office moves can be exciting and entertaining when you start them. You and your workmates will be working and thriving in a new, and perfectly organized office environment. When it is time to prepare for an office move and organize all necessary equipment in a new office, you can start panicking and stressing.

During the office moving, you will need to relocate plenty of figurative and literal moving parts. Of course, you should move all the office stuff, but you should consider the happiness of your employees, reorganization, transitional workflow, adjustment periods, and many more factors. Shark movers in Toronto created a list for you to handle every little aspect of the office move.

Plan ahead

It is recommended to plan at least 6 months before the office moving. To stay organized, you can select one place to put moving notes and a to-do list. First, you should determine how and where you will record and organize all related moving notes, to-do lists, documents, and other moving-related items. Centralizing all necessary information will help you not to look for needed information in Google Drive, in some box, or on the desk of any office employee. You will save your time and energy for the later stages of the move.

Organize main and necessary documents

Contracts, agreements, insurance records, and other records can be considered important documents, so organizing them is one of the first steps that you should take. You should create a separate space for them and label them.

Share the moving news with all employees

For informing employees you can draft a detailed email, presentation, or a short video about the big office move. The announcement should be clear and detailed not depending on the selected format. In the announcement, all details should that employees should know must be shared and mentioned clearly. If you put more details into the communication, it will help you to see a clear picture of all the steps of your office move.

While creating the announcement, you should add any necessary item to your to-do list. For example, if your employees should complete the “office moving checklist” before the moving day, you should include it in your to-do list as an action item. Shark movers share with you some items to be included in the announcement:

  • Name and address of the new office
  • Date or dates of the office moving
  • Main features of the new office
  • The reason for the office moving
  • The actions should be taken by employees before the move
  • The information that they can receive about moving future

Talk with your employees

After sharing the announcement, wait a few weeks and then organize a meeting with your employees and get their feedback. You should seek feedback on the moving aspects of a new office so that you can be able to control and plan the process reasonably. Feedback can be as followings:

  • Changing the needs of the workspace. For example, some of the workers may want standing desks, privacy screens, lamps, and so on.
  • Equipment changes. If there are any broken keyboards or cracked screens, it is better to replace them before moving to the new office.
  • Changes in the seating. Some workers may want to request changing teams or employees they sit near.
  • Recommendations on the new design

Set out a budget

You should ask for a budget from the leaders of your company and create guidelines for implementing all purchases related to office moving. You can also hire a professional moving company and they will do all the hard work for you. Therefore, knowing a budget in advance will help you to decide whether you are hiring a professional moving company or just a moving truck for office relocation.

Record main details

It is important to record and confirm the main details that can influence the office move. The following factors can be included:

  • The number of employees
  • The size of your current office
  • The size of your new office

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