How to Pack for a Move

Not depending on whether you are moving out of a small apartment or a big house, moving requires tons of organization and planning. Shark Moving company shares with you tips to ensure stress-free moving. 

If you are feeling stressed and unprepared for packing, you can ask for help from a professional moving company and Shark Movers will deal with packing and unpacking. Toronto movers and experts offer packing services and you will not need to lift heavy and bulky items. 

It is important to create a timetable for your move in order to avoid stress and tension. By creating a timetable, you will be able to choose suitable moving dates. Moreover, it will help the moving company and  movers to plan the time for loading your belongings, transporting boxes, and arriving at the targeted location. 

Below you can see some tips for packing during the move:

  • Identify your belongings for determining the needed packing material
  • Acquire moving and packing materials and put them together in one place
  • Pack all your belongings by room and don’t forget to label them
  • Create an “open me first” box

Now let’s explain all the above-mentioned steps in detail. 

Obtain moving materials and supplies

For successful completion of the moving process, it is better to gather all necessary packing supplies and materials before stuffing your belongings into boxes. By doing this, you will save time and energy by not going to the store every time when you need something. We know that moving can be very costly, and it is normal to look for ways to save money. Thus, you can ask neighbors, stores, family members, or friends if they have any extra moving boxes. Another way to save money is to use social media and search for free or low-priced moving materials. 

Except for boxes, you will need markers, packing tape, newspapers, towels, covers, and other packing materials. It is better to separate boxes by room, so it will be easy for the movers to unload them to the proper room. 

Make a list of belongings that you are planning to pack

It is recommended to check every room in the house and make a list of belongings that you are planning to pack. It will help you to stay organized and therefore the unpacking process will be quick and less stressful. You can use a colorful marker or tape to label each box by mentioning rooms and it will help you or the movers to identify where the boxes will go in your new house or apartment. 

By making a list of belongings, you can easily identify the items that can be donated, sold, or just thrown away later. Donating and selling items will help you save money and energy because you don’t need to pack them. Shark movers also recommend you ask friends or family members to look through your list to be sure you don’t forget anything. 

Pack belonging of each family member separately

It can take some time to move and you can stay separated from your belongings even for several weeks. That’s why it is highly recommended to prepare a suitcase for every family member. All necessary items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, or hairbrush must be included in the suitcase. It is important to pack all necessary documents such as birth certificates, security cards, and any other valuable things that you would like to keep safe. 

Disassemble large items

Bulky and large objects such as cabinets, tables, and dressers can be carried and packed much easier if you disassemble them into small pieces. For example, you can break down bookshelves or bed frames and pack them more compactly and easily. It will also keep them safe from scratches and any other damage. 

One day you will experience a moving process not depending on what stage of life you are in. House moving, office moving, condo moving and any other kind of moving can cause stress and can be overwhelming. However, any professional moving company can offer packing and unpacking services and it can release your burden. By handling packing service to the Shark movers you can use time and energy to coordinate the moving process. 


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