How to prepare furniture when moving?

Safely protecting your furniture is one of the biggest obstacles during the moving process. Your furniture should always be carried and moved with care, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional company. Without a doubt, you don’t want to see your most expensive and heavy belongings to be damaged when you arrive at your new place. If you don’t take proper precautions, glass can break and wood furniture can be ripped or get upholstery.

Shark movers will share with you some ways for protecting your furniture. Fortunately, you can move fragile and bulky furniture without any potential damage with a few moving supplies and some tricks.

To gather necessary packing supplies

Generally, it is just a myth that some cardboard boxes, moving blankets, and packing tape are the only necessary packing supplies for packing and protecting your items. However, buying a few more supplies in addition to the above-mentioned ones will make your moving flawless. Below you can find the list of some essential moving supplies:

  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Sofa and mattress cover
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic bags

You can find them in the local hardware store or online easily.

To prepare furniture for packing

Cleaning and dusting your furniture is important before packing. Because debris and dust can scratch the surface of your furniture during the moving process. Moreover, you will not take any unnecessary items into your new place by cleaning your furniture before the move. It is recommended to take out the drawers of desks and dressers and pack the items inside of them. It will help you to light up your heavy furniture for the move.

To dismantle your furniture in advance

If it is possible you should dismantle the furniture completely. You can remove the legs of the couches and tables first. Taking apart the bed frames can also ease your moving. It is important to remove the cushions of sofas. Long story short, if you can dismantle any piece of furniture, then do it without hesitation. It will help the movers in Toronto to move the furniture easily and at the same time will prevent damage caused by brushing the furniture against the door frames or walls. You can also easily pack your moving truck by dismantling your furniture. However, there are some factors that you should remember before dismantling the furniture:

  • For correctly dismantling the furniture, use the manual every time.
  • For keeping screws and other hardware for every piece of furniture you can use sealable plastic bags.
  • You can label each piece and use a marker to write where every piece goes, which will help you to assemble your furniture easily if the furniture has a lot of pieces.
  • For saving time on a moving day it is recommended to dismantle furniture the day before the moving day.

To wrap furniture correctly

If you want to move your furniture safely, plastic sheeting and bubble wrap can be considered the best tools to use. You can cover your delicate wood pieced with bubble wrap for better protection. For upholstered items use plastic wrap or specially designed plastic sofa covers. If you don’t have enough packing items, you can use old blankets to cover your furniture. If you have mirrors and glass table tops to move, it is better to use bubble wrap to pack them.

To have a placement plan

Properly placing your belongings in the moving truck is one of the important issues. You should plan it in advance. It will save time and energy for the movers and you. You can create a wall of boxes across the back end of the moving truck. In order to prevent slipping all the boxes should be the same size, tightly packed, and sealed. It is recommended to choose the heaviest boxes that don’t have any fragile items. After that, you can move in dressers or desks. For the added cushion, you can place them against your box wall. Between the pieces, you should always use blankets or corrugated cardboard. You can add more boxes to the tops of the dressers, but make sure they are lightweight and properly packed. Pay extra attention when unloading the truck. Mark all the paths to each room for movers. They will spend less time finding the correct spot and your items will not be damaged.


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