Moving Large, Heavy or Bulky Items

Whether you’ve hired a local moving company, a moving truck, movers, or a packing service or are shipping your stuff to your new home, moving large objects without destroying them (or hurting yourself) is a challenge.

Almost everyone has big appliances or enormous furnishings in their homes. For instance, the majority of furniture is made of marble, granite, or stone, as well as sofas, mattresses, tables, dining sets, swing sets, and home gym equipment. If you do and you intend to move to a new house, you should be prepared for the laborious duties you will soon have to perform. There is always a chance that moving huge objects will damage your belongings, and your home, or worse, injure you. This is especially true if you are not a professional mover. The secret to remaining safe and avoiding needless damage to your possessions is to prepare yourself and your goods for relocating.

If You Hired Movers

All required equipment, such as sliders, blankets, and dollies, should be available from professional movers or a local moving agency. Make sure to tell your movers what furniture you have so they know what supplies to bring on moving day when you hire them. Moreover, be sure that there aren’t any additional or hidden fees for utilizing their equipment, and make sure that any charges are specified in your moving contract before you sign.

There are a few things you can do to organize your furniture before moving day and make the loading procedure go more smoothly on that day:

  • Tables, sofas, and chairs should all be leg-free.
  • Clear out the shelves and drawers.
  • Take apart whatever movable furniture you can.
  • Make sure there is a clear entrance and exit from your location and remove any impediments from the way.
  • If required, remove the doors.
  • Cover the flooring and banisters to prevent damage.
  • Wrap and pack your mattress in a mattress box before your movers arrive.

If You’re Moving Yourself

No matter how many people you may get to assist you, it will never be simple to put your large, heavy furniture into your rental vehicle. Luckily, there are some tools available to make things simpler. These include sliders, furniture straps or shoulder dollies, moving blankets, dollies or hand trucks, mattress sling.

Moving Large Items without Tools

If you don’t have any of the tools, you can lift and move your furniture without them if you follow these guidelines:

  • A high-low method: Tilt the furniture backwards, with one person carrying the top and another carrying the bottom. Keep this angle as you go. The high-low approach is great for taller pieces of furniture and makes navigating stairs slightly simpler.
  • Bend from the knees and hips: Instead of bending at the waist and lifting from your back, use your core and your legs to raise. Lift appropriately by starting in a squat position and then pushing yourself upright with your legs.
  • Turn chairs on their side so they make an L-shape: This allows them to be hooked around corners and fit through doorways more easily.
  • Use blankets and plastic wrap to protect furniture: Wrap your belongings in blankets first, then fasten the blankets with plastic. This helps to protect the finish and any delicate edges.
  • Remove the legs and drawers to make your furniture lighter and easier to move. You may also keep your belongings in the drawers to facilitate unpacking.
  • Before moving your furniture, make sure it is empty. This makes it lighter and more portable. If drawers cannot be removed, tape them shut so they do not open suddenly.
  • First, load heavy furniture onto the truck, then pack your boxes.

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