Moving Supplies You Will Need for Easy Move

Sometimes it is difficult to determine what moving and packing supplies you will need to have for smooth and easy moving. Shark movers in Toronto created a list of moving and packing supplies that can be a “checklist” for you during your move. 

You can buy moving supplies online or at stores, or get free from some people who recently moved and can donate moving supplies. You can use Facebook or other online platforms to see if there are some available moving supplies.

Boxes (from small to large). Without any doubt, we can say that you will need small, medium, and large-sized boxes when you are moving your home. It is important to pack in a way that you or movers can carry the boxes. In general, people need small and medium-sized boxes more than large ones. Don’t forget to put heavier items in the small boxes and lighter items in the larger ones. You can use medium boxes with box dividers for dishes, glasses, and other fragile items. 

If you want to find free moving boxes, you can check recycling centers, office supply companies, or grocery stores. As we mentioned earlier you can share your request for free boxes on social media groups. 


When you are packing it is better not to throw everything in the moving box. For dishes, glasses, and other fragile items it is recommended to use foam wrap sheets. If you have large or differently shaped fragile and breakable belongings you can use bubble wrap to cover and protect them. 


It is highly recommended to label all your boxes while packing. There are various labeling methods. For example, some people just write on boxes and others use colorful stickers. Shark movers in Toronto advise you to use colored box labels and pack by room. Not depending on the method that you use, make sure you label different sides of the moving boxes. 

Packing tape

If you want to save money by buying a cheaper packing tape, you will regret it later on your moving day. It is better to spend a few dollars to buy more quality tape. Because cheaper tapes are very thin and sticking power is very low. For dispensing the tape quickly, you can use a tape gun. It is recommended to buy rolls of packing tape to save money. 


Box cutter

You will need to have functional scissors to cut your warps in the right size. A Box cutter is very useful to open boxes or cardboard.

Furniture pads

If you have larger items to move, Shark movers in Toronto recommend you to use furniture pads. By throwing a pad over your furniture, you can save them from scratches and any possible damage while moving. It is recommended to rent the furniture pads instead of buying them. You can ask from a moving company in Toronto and get quite a lot of pads for 10 and 20 dollars. 

Hand trucks and dollies

It is also recommended to rent dollies and hand trucks from a moving company. You should take into consideration your apartment condition. If you will move your large belongings up and down stairs, it is better to use moving straps rather than a dolly. It will help you or someone who is helping you to move bulky and heavy belongings easier. 

Garbage bags

You will need a lot of garbage bags during the moving process. It is better to have them on hand beforehand. You can use them for throwing away unnecessary items or packing last-minute belongings. 


It is important to have a basic toolset on hand. When you are disassembling your furniture before moving, you will need wrenches and screwdrivers for sure. It is very vital to store screws in bags or somewhere not to lose them.


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