Should you help movers?

Local movers in Toronto would always like to move efficiently and quickly, so they will surely appreciate your help while moving, however, they will not let you lift anything. It will take a load off their backs if you help them in other ways. You will save more money if they finish their job faster. 

Even if you hired a professional moving company like Shark Moving Service, the movers will appreciate any little help from your side. Of course, they can also do the things on the list for you, but it is better to do a favor to everyone, especially yourself by getting your house for the movers ready. It will save you time and money! 

Disconnect and unplug devices and appliances

Do you have wires and cords on the floor behind the TV stand? Or do you see the dusty tangle of connections for your appliances? We are sure almost everyone has it. Your movers in Toronto can work on it by spending an hour or two just to disconnect this mess. However, we are more than sure that you don’t want to pay extra money just for that.

Don’t forget to label all the cords and wires after disconnecting them. You can wrap the cords in newspaper and label them with colorful markers. It will help you to connect them easily and quickly in your new home. 

Get your belongings off the walls

It can seem like a lot of effort to you to get everything off the floor, especially when you have so many things on the wall. However, it can be done slowly and little by little if you begin two or three weeks before the move. 

Actually, it is very simple. Walking around the home, you can take the items down if you walk past them. You should place them against the wall on the floor. Shark movers can recommend you one easy tip. If you want to be organized, you can find a wall that is out of the way and put all your belongings like mirrors, clocks, and paintings against it. Believe us you will save a lot of time for movers and it will end up saving your money too. 

It is better to keep hangers and nails in one small bag so that you can use them while decorating your new home. 

Fold your beddings

Strip your mattress and fold up all the bedding before the move. If you are using the packing service of the moving company, they will only have to put pillows, sheets, and blankets inside a box. On the other hand, if you are packing yourself, then you should put a box near your bed so that you can pack one box before even changing your pajamas. 

Put aside anything you don’t want movers to touch

You want to keep some items such as phones, chargers, bathroom junk, cigarette lighter, maps, and a lot of items on hand while moving. It is recommended to designate one place for this kind of stuff in order not to get them packed or moved. The better choice for this is the kitchen counter, so you can put all that stuff into a labeled box and keep them there until the end of moving. 

Drain your blowers

Gasoline and oil are considered not movable things, so you cannot put them in the moving truck. You can give that gasoline to your neighbor and they will appreciate it, at the same time, you will not pollute the environment. You shouldn’t forget that propane tanks are also considered not movable items and the movers will not take them, even if they are empty. 

Empty the shelves

It can be extremely challenging if your shelves are loaded with the items your movers in Toronto will be packing. It is better to put all those shelf items in piles and disassemble the shelves yourself. A plastic type of shelving can easily come apart so you can save money by reducing the work time of the movers. 



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