Tips for an effective office moving

You can think about office moving when your business is growing. Nowadays, the number of commercial and office moving is increasing, however, only a few businesses have a proper moving strategy. 

Shark movers will share the most effective office moving strategy in this blog.

A team

A task force is a team that is dedicated to your office moving. They can be property managers, realtors, and office movers and they are considered external partners. Your management, human resources, and finance team are your internal members and they will work together using their skills as a group. The size of your team and the scope of your move will determine the number of people that you will need to dedicate to your office move. It is important to consult with each department in order to identify their requirements and needs. By doing this you will represent the interests of your whole organization. 


Deadlines will help you to manage your time and resources effectively. By putting deadlines you will clearly see every stage of the office moving process. You should device big and complex projects into small parts along a proposed timeline for assisting your team to see where they are going. Some people forget their operational needs during the planning phase. It is a big mistake. It is recommended to pick the least busy time of the year for office moving. It is very important to systematize all packing processes. You can begin to pack your office when you confirm the office moving time. 

Moving phases

Moving phases will help you to see all your accomplishments and to show the next step for office relocation. If you have multiphase moving, you will need a comprehensive and detailed plan covering all the moving process phases. Moving phases can be as follows:

  • Book movers
  • Finalize the design of your new office
  • Complete all construction processes
  • Move a department
  • Setup IT 

Define the answers to the main questions

Every question related to your move should be answered in your office moving strategy. You should identify who and what will be moved at each moving phase. Everything with numbers should be answered in the first place. 

Employee support

It is vital to meet with employees to determine their needs and reduce their stress related to office moving. You should spend equal attention and time with every employee. It is also highly recommended to give the opportunity to the staff members to ask questions, get more information, and share their concerns. You can organize a meeting with managers dealing with the office move to create an opportunity to answer practical questions. 

Communication plan

You need to engage everyone from the team members and partners to clients and the public so they can feel invested and excited about your office relocation. By preparing the communication plan before the moving process, the management will prepare detailed and professional communications. With a detailed communication plan, all members of the team will understand their responsibilities and roles. Regular meetings or email updates can be used as a simple communication plan. Everyone should be aware of the plan for moving day. 


If you want to complete your office move flawlessly, it is important to create checklists. It is a very powerful and vital tool for efficient moving strategy. 



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