Tips for Moving in Summer

Summer is picked as one of the best seasons to move by most experts and the general public. It is the busiest and high-demanded time for moving, Therefore, you should plan your move and choose the most suitable moving company for you. 

We advise you to book a moving company at least six weeks before your relocation. Some companies can offer you last-minute moving, however, you should consider that prices will be higher as the demand is higher. There are various advantages of moving your house during summer. It is considered a vacation period for most people, and if you have children it will help them to save their routines and sleeping times, Moreover, the workload will be lighter during the summer, so it is easier to spare time for planning and organization. Here we share some tips for a summer move:

Book a moving company and get quotes at least six weeks before

As we mentioned before the demand is higher during summer, so it is advisable to book your move beforehand. Toronto movers can help you with planning and offer you the most affordable price in the Ontario area. Avoid planning to move during holiday time. At the same time, you can pay more during summer than any other season of the year, because families with school-age children tend to move in the summer. Students from universities and colleges are also planning to move in and out of the dormitory at the end of sessions and exams. Considering all these factors, moving companies can increase their fees. However, Shark Movers Toronto will offer reasonable prices and a customized moving package for you.

Plan to move in the early morning

You should consider that the sun is stronger between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Therefore, moving in the middle of a hot or humid day can be “catastrophic”, and the moving process can be more exhausting for you. Shark Movers Toronto will take into consideration the weather condition and recommend the most suitable and reasonable hours for house moving. For beating the heat, it is recommendable to begin at 8 a.m. If you cannot organize your belongings in the early morning, then take the afternoon or evening time. Another tip is booking a weekday rather than a weekend for moving. It is less busy and increases the availability of moving companies. 

Dress properly

When you are moving, it is important to be comfortable rather than stylish. Remember that heat can beat you when you are wearing heavy clothes. Light, comfortable, and cotton clothing can save your day and energy. Shoes are the most important part of your clothing on a moving day. Make sure you wear closed-toe shoes, not high heels. Lifting heavy and bulky boxes, running between rooms, and packing your belongings require effort and comfortable clothing. Moreover, we advise you to wear light-colored clothing that will not absorb the sun and the heat. It is also necessary to wear sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen. 

Stay Hydrated

In summer, it is very important to stay hydrated, because water is one of the most essential things for our body. We know that moving is a very exhausting and stressful process, so with dehydration, you probably don’t want to add a burden to your move. You should stock the number of water bottles in the refrigerator or freezer so that you would be able to provide movers and yourself with cool or icy water when it is needed. Movers in Toronto will be thankful for you when you will offer them cool waters in your new and old house whenever it is necessary. Make sure you take a cooler on hand, so it will be available to movers and people that are helping in your old and new destination. 

Turn on Air Conditioning at Your New Location

It is important to turn on your AC at least one day before your move. If you are unable to turn on the air conditioning, you can contact the property manager or real estate agent. Make sure you don’t underestimate the importance of cooling down your new home because you will regret it afterward. Entering a cool home on a hot day will help to smooth your moving. 

Show special care for electronics

You have to be extra careful during the packing of your electronic devices in the summertime. Electronic items are extremely sensitive to hot summer weather. You need to pack each of them separately and keep them in an air-conditioned environment during your move. Remember that it is necessary to pack them in the end, or if it is needed ask for professional help from the moving company. 

All these processes can seem extremely stressful, but with the professional help of Shark Movers, you can lift most of the burden from your shoulders. Contact us if you need additional information. 



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