What to do while movers are moving?

Some people prefer to hire a professional moving company for easy, low-effort, and less stressful moving. Movers do all the heavy lifting, carrying, loading, unloading, and other moving processes, while you sit on your couch and read the news.

It is not that easy. Hiring movers will ease your load, however, there are a lot of things you should do to help movers on a moving day.

When the moving day arrives, there are a lot of moving-related tasks that the movers will not do for you. In this blog, we talk about things that you should do when the movers are moving.

Before movers

It is already obvious that moving preparations begin months before you move to your new address. You should prepare the moving checklists and there are certain things that you should never leave until the last minute.

Finish packing

You should pack yourself if you didn’t choose the packing services offered by the moving company. If you still have books on the shelves, clothes in the closet, or dishes in the cupboard, it will add an extra burden for the movers and make the moving process longer than expected and calculated. In the end, you should pay for the extra hours that movers spent in your house. You should pack all your belongings into moving boxes before the arrival of the movers.

Unplug devices

It is recommended to unplug and disconnect all the electrical appliances, even if the movers are packing for you. Movers will not be responsible for messing up the setups of the devices, so you should get them ready before the movers arrive. 

Reduce excess items

You probably don’t want to pay extra money to move things you will not use or keep in your new house. Decluttering, donating, or throwing away unnecessary, broken, or useless items is important when you decide to move. 

Label all the boxes

If you want to make your unpacking process easier, it is highly recommended to label all the boxes that you packed for the moving, It will also help movers to put every box in their designated rooms. It is very important to label boxes with fragile belongings, so that mover can carry and load them onto the moving truck carefully. There are some items that should be unpacked first, so they should be properly labeled. You can inform movers to load them onto the moving truck in the end. It is highly recommended to label all sides of the moving boxes for better visibility. 

Pack the belongings that will not be moved by movers

There are some special items that moving companies are not moving for you. It is prohibited to move perishable, dangerous, or flammable items with moving trucks. You should pack them yourself and label them properly, so that movers don’t take them onto the moving truck. It is better to take these items with your personal vehicle. 

Offer some drinks

It is a nice and polite gesture to offer some refreshments to the movers to keep them hydrated. Don’t forget that they are lifting heavy boxes, and carefully handling your fragile belongings for you, so it will be very good to do this. You can designate a special area with water, tea, coffee, and some snacks so that they can feel appreciated on a moving day. If you are having a long moving day, you should let the movers have a lunch break to fuel their energy. 

Engaged kids and pets

When your house is full of movers, it is better to keep pets and kids engaged or entertained with something. You should keep them out of the way of movers. You can put your pet in an empty room with water, food, and favorite toys. Children will get entertained with tablets, and games or you can take them to the park located nearby. 


When your house is empty it can be considered the best time for cleaning. If you don’t have time to clean in advance, you can do that when each room is emptied. The house will be clean until the movers load all your belongings onto the moving truck. 


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