Questions to ask your movers before the move

After long interviews with the movers and getting estimates from them, you finally decided on a moving company to implement your upcoming move. Congratulations! If you already hired the moving company in Toronto or the GTA, then we know that you did your research and looked into the credentials of the movers.

We advise you to ask some necessary questions before the moving day. Otherwise, you can have a very stressful moving day in the end.

How can I contact the driver of the moving truck?

You have to ask the moving company how to contact the moving truck driver. Almost all moving companies and movers will be happy to share the driver’s contact information with you, so you can track your belongings and check if something is needed. It is also important to have the driver’s contact information for planning the drop-off properly. For example, you can coordinate with the driver parking place, and how the movers should carry belongings into your new home.

What is included and not included in the estimate?

Don’t forget that not everything is included in the moving contract estimate. Usually wrapping furniture, packing mattresses, loading and unloading services, transportation, and assembling and disassembling are included in the moving estimates. However, some additional services might not include in the overall estimate. For example, shipping of an automobile, additional packing, and storage can be considered additional services. If you are planning one or some of these services, you should ask your moving company about the price as soon as possible.

When is the arrival day and time?

It is important to ask the movers about their arrival at the final destination with your belongings. If you are having a long-distance move where the move can take a week or more, you shouldn’t forget that the moving company may not know the exact arrival date. However, they can tell you some sort of estimation. When the moving company and the moving truck approach the final destination, the driver will be able to give you information on exact ETA. On the other hand, if it is a local moving, the company and movers will be able to estimate the time for loading the moving truck and arrive to the final destination.

What items are not allowed to move?

As you already know not all items will be allowed onto the moving truck. Generally, moving companies provide a list of non-allowable items, however, you can ask if they don’t do so. Flammable and hazardous items are usually not allowed on a moving truck. Moreover, refrigerated food, plants, and other perishable items are not allowed on a moving truck too. You should move all of these items personally. If you want to see the full list of the non-allowable items you can click here.



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