Things to do before the moving truck arrives

You already chose a suitable moving company in Ontario, packed up your belongings, scheduled a date with movers, and your new place is waiting for you. Congratulations! Your moving day arrived. If you implement everything right, your move will be smooth and successful. After finalizing all the necessary steps, you think you can sit and wait for the moving truck to arrive. No! It is not done yet.

Spending alone time on a moving day can be exciting, relaxing, or exhausting. Every person can have different feelings, but be sure that you will not just sit and wait for the moving truck to arrive. In this blog, we will share things you should do until the professional movers arrive at your location. 

Final Check

Before the moving truck arrives, we advise you to walk through your home and take the final look at every side of your house including upper shelves, closets, cabinets, and wardrobe. Leave the doors of every room open, so that you will not forget any box in one of them. Movers will not discover it and you can lose one of your valuable items because of neglect. It can be useful to have a spare box open to put the rest of the stuff such as socks, jewelry, towers, etc. It will be beneficial to make an inventory list of items to load into the moving truck. As Shark Movers we suggest you take pictures of all your belongings so that you can reimburse them in case of an accident during your move. 

Create a Smooth Path for Movers

You will need to think about parking space for the moving truck. Take into consideration that a long spot is what you need. It is highly advisable to direct the rear side or end of the truck toward your house. If the area you are living in restricts the parking, you can reserve some individual spots on moving day for the moving truck. It is important to determine the walking path or route of the movers. If it is muddy outside, you can put boards, however, professional moving companies like Shark Movers will place down floor runners to keep your floor clean. If you have additional time, you can remove all barriers to speed up the moving and reduce the risks. Moreover, it is advisable to inform your moving company of all details about your location, so that they can be ready with all necessary equipment. 

Review the contract and dispose of the unmovable items

During the wait for the moving truck in Toronto, review your moving contract and other essential documents. Moreover, you can find the part that specifies the items that movers will not be able to move. We already talked about unmovable items in our last blog, you can find it here. If you have pets or plants, it is better to take them with you rather than in the moving truck. If you still don’t know what you can move with the moving truck, you can contact customer service and they will be happy to help you with your queries. 

Put Soda and Water into the Refrigerator

It will be polite to fill your refrigerator with healthy snacks and refreshing drinks. The longer and bigger your move, the more valuable the drinks will be. If you are moving in summer you will need a lot of refreshments for the movers. You are not obliged to provide snacks for the movers, however, they will be valued and well received. 

Seal and Label All Your Boxes

If you label your boxes properly, the unpacking process will be less stressful and more smooth for you. We advise you to code all moving boxes with colors matching the rooms. Different colored markers will ease your packing and labeling process. Additionally, it is important to mark the boxes that have to be opened firstly in your new house. Mark the boxes with fragile items! If you haven’t done labeling, go and finalize this until the moving truck arrives.

Set Some Cash Aside for Tipping to the Movers

You should reward your movers if they carry out outstanding work. Tipping is a common way to show gratitude to the service provider and your movers are also included. The amount of your tip depends on the movers’ performance, attitude, and of course your budget. 

Load Your Vehicle

Finally, make sure your personal vehicle is loaded and ready for the ride. After the moving truck, you go through all the rooms last time, and leave for good. Check your gas and oil levels. If you completed all of the above mentioned procedures, you are ready to go!



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